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Why Britco&Bridco?

“ The First and Exclusive mobile phone Institute in India has the widest service centre network in Asia in this field of technology Britco & Bridco has presence in about 500 cities of the vast Indian geographical space. ”

News & Events

  • Cyber Awareness Rally, Renovated Office Inauguration & Seminars at Britco & Bridco, Kanhangad

    "Cyber Awareness Rally" at 9.30am from  Manthoppu Maidhanam - Inauguration by Sri. Sumesh. T.P, Inspector of Police, Kanhangad "Renovated Office Inauguration" by Sri. P. Karunakaran. MP at 4.30pm "Seminar" Inauguration by Sri. E. Chandrashekharan. MLA at 10.30am "Service Centre Inauguration" by Smt. Divya. K, Chair Person, Kanhangad  Muncipality at 3.30pm Seminar 1 :- "Cyber Misuse & Services from Cyber Cell" by Sri. Prakashan. K, Civil Police Officer, Kanhangad Seminar 2 :- "Mobile Phone Evelution & Role of Britco & Bridco in the Industry" by Sri. Hari Shankar, Faculty Head, Britco & Bridco, Kanhangad Seminar 3 :- "Alcohol & Drugs - A Real Threat to the Society" by Sri. N.G Raghunathan, Excise Preventive Officer, Kanhangad Seminar 4 :- "Smart Phones - Role in the Societies & New Technologies" by Sri. Shyam Pratheesh, HOD - Upgradation, Britco & Bridco, Kottakkal

  • Britco

    Britco & Britco  invited you to the celebration of unveiling the new identity and introducing services globally. On 13th September 2014. 09:30am at Britco & Bridco, Changuvetti, Kottakkal

  • Britco

    Britco & Britco  Kottakkal and Cyber Cell Malappuram conducting cyber awareness programme on the topic of “Cyber laws and Cyber Crime” on 13th September 2014. 02:00pm at Vyapara Bhavan, Kottakkal.

  • Britco

    Britco & Bridco Agency meeting on 13th September 2014. 10:30am at Brito  & Bridco, Changuvetti, Kottakkal

  • Britco

    Britco & Britco  3rd mobile technician Group Discussion on topic of “New Trends in Mobile Phone” on 13th September 2014 at Britco & Bridco, Changuvetti, Kottakkal.


"What Others Saying"

  • I was working in a Britco supported service centre in Janakpuri. I have noticed the excellent performance of Britco & Britco & Bridco technician. Later I have started my own service centre and hired a Britco technician. I have joined hands with Britco for last 4 years and I am so happy and proud to be the part of Britco & Britco & Bridco

    -Rajeev Gupta Prince Telecom

  • I have taken Britco technician under 3 year contract. During the first few months I got many problems but later everything became fine. The technician also adjusted a lot for setting up the centre and now three years completed and I am hiring a new technician for another 3 years.

    -Anuj Kumar Jagadamba Mobiles

  • Being a foreign student, I feared that maybe I would be getting problems of adaptation, but the welcome I got from Britco was so warm and friendly that I considered myself to be one amongst them. Britco was and is still for me, a new world that represented a new beginning for me. It helped me to upgrade my knowledge and experience. I was taught the basic of electronics and the right way of dealing with mobile phone repairs. It is, embedded with this new knowledge that I am today a Director of Shenicom Ltd in Mauritius. We have 3 outlets around the island, which are amongst the leading companies in mobile repairs. And it is all thanks to Britco and I wish that many others get this same opportunity of joining such a distinguished institution.

    -Emambokus Sheik Mohamad

  • I have done the mobile repairing course before. I was not satisfied with that course. Later I got information about Britco & Britco & Bridco. Many others too recommended me about Britco and then I joined here. Now I am very much satisfied with this organization. Thanks to all my faculty members who supported me to achieve the knowledge

    -Rohit Kumar Sahoo

  • When I Joined the institute I don’t know what is the structure of mobile. After completing the course I moved around the market and I found very least number of technicians who have the deep knowledge in repairing, but they are still working and sometimes make deep faults too. Most respectfully to all my faculty members. They provide me best knowledge and now what I’m in mobile field is due to them

    -Sourabh Basrani

  • Before joining at Britco & Britco & Bridco I was running my centre for almost 2 years. Now after completing the course my income increased and my life became secured. Thanks to Britco

    -Amit Sharma

  • I am running a shop in my home town and I have only little knowledge about repairing and getting troubles from customers. Then one of my friend suggested about Britco & Britco & Bridco and I joined here. Now I’m running my service centre with good confidence and I’m getting goo support from Britco even after the course and I’ll definitely go upward

    -Deepak Kumar Sharma

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