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25 Jun 2022

Job Opportunity in Smartphone Repairing

          Smartphone repair is a trending marketplace as it receives thousands of customers per day. According to Statista, smartphone users are increasing by 4.9% annually and there are 6.648 billion smartphone users in the world. 35.4% of the Indian population (492.78 million) is active smartphone users in 2021. Smartphone companies launch multiple phones every year and this competition is increasing day by day. Smartphone gadgets have only one year warranty for official repair and replacement. Users prefer repairing smartphones rather than buying a new one. However, there are limited numbers of official repair centers for each mobile company. According to official statistics:

Smartphone Brand Official Repairing Stores in India
Apple 201
Samsung 1303
Huawei 21
Oppo 507
Mi Xiaomi 1000
Vivo 574
Nokia 231

          Due to the increasing number of smartphone users and lack of official repairing services in India, the smartphone repairing sector has witnessed a massive number of customers. Moreover, authorized customer services and repair services are available in a limited number of cities only, and no services for small cities and remote areas. Customers need repairing services at the nearest place, instant repairing, and out-of-warranty repairing. These factors lead to a billion-dollar smartphone repairing marketplace with millions of jobs for people. According to recent statistics, smartphone repair has a total market value of $185 billion in the world out of which is $2 billion in India, $4 billion in the US, and $1 billion in the UK.

          The smartphone repairing sector needs energetic and skilled persons who can provide reliable, cheaper, and instant repairing services. Students with poor results, low education, and non-technical background can learn and practice mobile repairing services. Many institutes offer smartphone-repairing courses, certificates, and diplomas. The students can start earning at least Rs. 20,000 per month and earnings increase with experience and time. Financial Express stated that Indians spend roughly Rs. 2,400 on out-of-warranty smartphone repairs. The smartphone repairing market in India has the potential to expand and the repairing services provider person can earn more than a hundred thousand per month. Smartphone repairing experience can provide job opportunities in different sectors.

  1. Working as a full-time technician in a local market.

  2. Starting a business (shop or company) for repairing smartphones.

  3. Providing repairing services as an authorized repairing center for a mobile brand.

  4. Getting a job in a mobile manufacturing company as an assembling technician.

  5. Moving abroad for providing repairing services in Gulf Countries, Europe, or America 

Indian government wants to launch a framework for technological gadget repairing services to reduce e-waste. According to the British technology news website, ‘The Register’, “Indian government starts work on the right to repair rules”. Indian Ministry of Consumer Policy is establishing a framework for the Right to Repair. This framework will address Smartphones, Electronics, automobiles, and agricultural equipment. It aims to provide boost sustainable consumption and reduce e-waste. The ministry also stated that third-party repairing services work as a catalyst to achieve technological goals. So, there are clear signs of development and job opportunities in the smartphone repairing sector. Moreover, the Smartphone repairing sector is here to stay until the smartphone industry exists as users will require on-warranty and out-off-warranty repairing services. Unfortunately, the smartphone repairing sector is facing a shortage of skilled and well-trained people who can fulfill national demands. The smartphone repairing services business will flourish in the coming few years as the number of smartphone users will increase. 

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