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02 Dec 2019

Just like a small puzzle for us...

Britco & Bridco , Indias first and best Mobile Training institute , assures reliable and genuine repairing of all kinds of mobile phones by experts in the mobile phone repairing industry using highly modern equipments. Mobile phone or Smart phone industry is growing day by day and the scope of mobile phone repairing especially smart phones and tablets also is in the same track. Exploiting the situation, many youths plunged into the mobile phone repairing field without adequate know-how, resulting in heavy damage to handsets. In such a situation Britco & Bridco assures quality and reliable repairing to the end users.

Mobile phone repairing industry also faces the lack of adequate, appropriate, quality and tested tools and spare parts. Here we assures genuine spare parts and tested tools with the best after sale supports. More over Britco & Bridco imports and manufacture many mobile repairing tools and equipment with an assured quality. Our main products are the tools, instruments for telecommunication product's repairing. Our products are popular in major domestic and international communications market. We concentrates on training personnel, develop products and innovative technology.

 It is just like a small puzzle for us... We Repair every Smart Phone.

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