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30 Nov 2021

Why should select smartphone repairing field as Your Career?

  • Lots of Job Opportunities/Business Opportunities.
  • Can acquire job quickly/No need of search for a job.
  • Very easy to learn/Interesting Job
  • Can start business with low budget
  • Without field work you can work from home in European, African and Arabian countries.
  • You  can earn 8000 rupees to 15000 rupees without experience,and earn 15000 rupees to 50000 rupees with experience in India.
  • It is very easy to acquire job for this field rather than the other professional courses like degree,pg,diploma
  • With the proliferation of online, only the service industry can hold its own.
  • The sector is expected to survive the severe recession expected in the near future.

Opportunity to get job and part time job while studying abroad.

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