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Britco, Testimonial


Working in Ashtel, Guangzhou, China

I am proud to say that, I have got an opportunity to work in the technical hub of the world, Guangzhou, China only because of the training, experience and further support from Britco & Bridco.

Britco, Testimonial

Prathwiraj K

Service Engineer, Axiom, Dubai

Platform laid by the pioneers in mobile technology, Britco & Bridco made me capable for the best opportunities in this industry.

Britco, Testimonial


Working in DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania

I can proudly say that if I reached a better position in my life, it’s only because of Britco. Britco not only giving the training but also gave us a lot of opportunities to work inside and abroad of India “which usually not seeing anywhere in any other institution”. Thank you, Britco, for making me a successful person.

Britco, Testimonial

Amajid CH

Technician at Samsung Mobile

Britco & bridco, not just an institute for me, It's my pathway to success, my life and professional ambition. I'm still receiving support and guidance, even after 9 years.

Britco, Testimonial


Technician at Samsung Care Mobile Servicing Centre

It's a complete solution for your mobile software and hardware providing spares, tools and well trained technicians. The main thing is "life long support". I am proud to be a part of it. Thank you britco

Britco, Testimonial



my life has changed since I joined Britco. Today I am in Dubai. Two years ago, when I joined Britco I had no goal in life, but today I see a world of experiments in front of me. Im sure i'll be a successful entrepreneur.

Britco, Testimonial

Abhishek Babu

Technical Engineer, Britco & Bridco

I think it is the best platform for developing a career. Britco provides us a lifetime package

Britco, Testimonial


Technician, Britco & Bridco

I owe this great job and remarkable experience to the two years of experience in Britco.

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